God is at Work

When all you see is destruction and carnage around you it is often hard to see and understand God’s miracle working power.

Walking through the valley of Cancer, I have discovered how vulnerable, helpless and desperate a person can be. I am watching my husband struggle with his body in ways I never desired nor thought I would see and through it all, he has not complained.

Don’t get me wrong, he is not enjoying the process by any stretch of the imagination, he hates feeling sick and vulnerable all of the time, weak and helpless and even at times depressed, wanting to give up and not take another step in the direction he is heading, yet he carries on with a quiet dignity.

I have to admit that if it was me, I would be crying and needy and helpless and wanting to be waited on constantly, like a two year old I am sure, but I see my husband get up and do the dishes for me if I have had a rough day, even though he is feeling sick.

I see him consider others around him and work hard at not being a burden to anyone. I see him fetch his own drinks and food and does not complain or demand. I am amazed!

I also have come to see the Holy Spirit rising up within him more and more, leading his thoughts, sustaining him and helping him not fall into pits of misery. I see how the Holy Spirit is transforming him, from the guy who was concerned about all things worldly to all things concerning God.

I am amazed at the powerful work of the Holy Spirit in our lives at this time and so very grateful as well. I could not imagine having to go through something as traumatic as this alone.

As I was reading my bible this morning the Lord highlighted a verse that I would like to share with you right now, it is found in;

2 Thessalonians 1:11

With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may make you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may bring to fruition your every desire for goodness and your every deed prompted by faith.

I realized once again how God is faithful as he works in and through us to make us worthy of his calling on our lives. He does this through his mighty working power and then he sets about bringing to fruition our every desire for goodness and says yes to every deed we do that is prompted by our faith in him.

Brothers and sisters, as my husband and I have walked this cancer journey, I have seen God’s mighty hand at work in our lives and our situation, I have seen him bring Joy, comfort, hope, provision, love and deliverance to us in very real and tangible ways.

This verse reminded me of the fact that God has plans and purposes for our lives, he desires that we learn to trust him, that we learn to know his character so that we can act out our faith and see him come through for us.

One attribute of God that I have seen come through clearly recently is that he is the God who hears and sees!!!!!!!

He hears me when I cry out with tears of frustration and fear, holding onto him with everything in me and he sets about bringing me comfort, whether it is something that I read, a phone call from a friend or a hug from my children.

He sees the whole situation that we find ourselves in and he knows his desired outcome and we have the privilege of walking it through with him, trusting him to lead us and show us his best for us along the way. I stand in awe of him!

I also realized that when I exercise my faith in the midst of this trial, God is right there, showing himself faithful, so that others may too experience his goodness and love for them.

I write these words today, with a fresh sense of faith and a renewed longing to hold even closer to God than I did before so that I may be a vessel to reveal his mighty working power to the world around me.

Thank you Lord!

I would like to encourage you today, to look around you at the situation that you find yourself in and ask the Lord to show you how and where he is at work, then start to praise him for his great presence in your life. Ask him to work out his perfect will for your life and start acting on the faith that he has placed within you.

You will be amazed at how much Joy you will start to experience and how much Love you will feel for him, when you start to surrender to his will for your life.