7 Practical steps to walking in obedience to the will of God

 Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

 Having a willing and obedient heart to the will of God

Have you ever had a parent ask you to do something and out of love and respect for them you try to do it right away or within a reasonable amount of time.

As I was growing up, my parents asked a lot of things of me, sometimes I willingly did what they asked me to do, but to be honest more often than not; I tried to find a way out of it. My heart was not always willing to be obedient, for one reason or another.

 There of course were consequences to my disobedience and they weren’t always pleasant.

 God often asks us, his children to do things, sometimes it is something easy and sometimes it isn’t. Many times it requires us to step out of our comfort zones and walk in complete trust with him.

 In my experience though, if I am willing to be obedient to what God has asked of me, the blessings and the joy that I get out of walking by faith, far out weigh any discomfort I may have felt when he first asked me.

 I have also learnt that if God asks you to do something, he will have prepared you in some way for what he has asked you to do. Not always, but he often prepares you. God also always provides the finances that you need to accomplish his will. Often it may not be in your hand to begin with but as you need it, pray and ask for it, He will supply the need.

 He will strengthen and encourage you along the way as well. Sometimes it will be in the form of someone coming alongside you to help you, or speak a kind word to you, or even give you a hug; these are some of the ways that God will show you that He is with you on the journey.

 He desires to show you that he is reliable and that when you trust in him, you can truly do whatever it is that he asks you to do, as he is the one that is working through you to get it done.

 My Zeal will get me into trouble!

I hope that I am not the only one in the world that runs ahead of what God is requiring of me to do. If I am in good company, please keep reading.

 When God asks me to do something, I am so excited about the task ahead that I often don’t ever stop to ask for all of the directions.

I assume that I know every that he wants me to do, and run right ahead. This often gets me derailed as I no longer know what each new step is.

When God gives us an assignment, He wants to be involved in every part of it. So in order to keep him involved and us on the right track, we need to stop and ask him for every new step. God, through the Holy Spirit will confirm to me what he has asked me to do in a variety of ways, it will often come straight through his word, or may be in something someone says to you, or even circumstances. These things will all play a part in confirming that you have indeed heard from God and that you need to take the next step in Faith.

 We also need to become fierce about not moving until we are sure that he has told us what he requires us to do.

 What if what the lord asks me to do something that seems absurd?

When the lord asks us to do something that looks absurd, weird, or “out there” it is very important for us to take the first step in obedience without paying any attention to any fears, doubts or to what well meaning people might have to say. Our responsibility is to obey God and he will take care of all of the rest.

 Stepping out

When we step out in obedience we need to go back to the lord with all of our concerns, and even the concerns of the people around us. We need to make sure to ask the lord if we are to proceed in the way that we originally thought or if we have to modify or change anything from he has already told us.

 Remember, we need to be willing to obey what the lord has asked us to do and after each new step we need to ask God, through the Holy Spirit if it is his will that we continue in that direction or not.

 God is Faithful

God is faithful and He will show you what he wants you to do. He is the God of “do overs” and he won’t lead you down a path that will lead you astray. He will show you if you have not fully understood what he required of you. He is faithful and he will do that.

 Unless you are willing to step out in obedience to what God has asked you to do, you cannot go to him and ask him for further guidance and confirmation.

 What do the steps look like?

The call – step out in faith – (you might not think that you have heard correctly) – going to God for the next steps – further obedience – checking back that you have heard and understood what is on God’s heart and mind for you to do.

 Safety in Faith

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, it is safe for you to trust in God and to take the steps of obedience that he requires of you. Even when from a human standpoint it may look completely impossible or crazy or even hopeless to try and obey him. Do it anyway, you will never be disappointed and the adventure of trusting him, will deepen your faith in him every time.

 I pray that as you apply these steps to your faith walk with God that you will have many exciting experiences with him.

(Thanks to a friend of mine, she recommended a great resource to augment what I have written in this article, It is an article written by George Müller (1805-1898), He lived in England and through faith and prayer established many orphanages in England. To read an excerpt of his writings, please follow this link. I know that it will bless you as you read it.)


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