Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Have you put much thought into the gifts that you give at Christmas time, what it really all means and why is everyone so frantic to out spend from last year?

I have been thinking about that lately as we hurtle along at break neck spead towards Christmas this year. I also have a couple of birthdays in this month and so the ideas for gifts are swirling around in my mind all of the time. I have to take a step back though and think about my motivations behind these gifts and are they really a blessing to others or are they part of the problem of just collecting more stuff?

I would love to think that all of my gift giving is unselfish, that I am doing it for the pure enjoyment that I see on their faces, but to be honest, sometimes I give to get. There you have it, the bare truth, I give to get.

I am reminded of another gift that was given to us, from God, and that is why we even celebrate at this time of year. The gift of his Son Jesus. He gave us the gift of his son, as he knew that the only way that the people whom he loved so very much would ever be able to have the deep relationship with him again would be to his His son, whom He loved so very much to this world in order to direct the people back to him.

He knew that his son would have to die, a horrific death, and that death would be the final and ultimate sacrifice needed to wipe away the sins of the world.

That my friends is a gift worth giving. I urge you to stop and think about the sacrifice that he made for us, the cost of which was very high.

I urge you to think about the gifts that you buy this year for everyone, and what you are really wanting them to know about your love for them.

I also want to direct your attention to a great article that I came across today, written by a dear friend of mine Juanita. I know that you will be very blessed by her words.

please follow the following link:

Be blessed today

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