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God’s idea of respecting your husband

Believe it or not we as Christians are called to live at a higher standard in this world, because we have been given the truth of God, through Jesus Christ, the word of God- the Bible

How do we find out what God requires of us and how we are supposed to live?  We have a responsibility to study the bible and not only study it but put what it says into practice in our lives.

In the following points I will be sharing with you what is required of us as Christians when we want to be obedient to the word of God. I am sharing this with you to encourage you to put these principles into practice in your life, marriage, friendships.

So how do we respect our husbands, in a world that says that men are not worth respecting?

  • I need to praise his good points in his character, the things that attracted me to him in the first place.
  • I need to show my appreciation for his efforts in our family. (men are often the bread winner, and we need to appreciate the hard work and effort that they put in for our family)
  • Thanking him, for that effort is always welcomed; he believes that he is showing his love to us by putting in the long hours and working hard for us. (as women we tend to resent the time that he spends at work and away from us, therefore it causes conflict. Us mad at them, and them not understanding why we feel this way, when all they do to provide for us) mixed up I know.
  •   I need to openly display my affection for him in front of others. In this way he will feel secure in my love for him.
  • I need to allow him to take his place as the priest and head of our home. That is not my place to take, it is his God given place, and if I try to put him there, or try to take that place myself, I find myself in conflict with him.
  • If he chooses not to take that position, I need to pray for him, so that God will reveal to him, his place and God given Authority and responsibility in our home.
  • I need to not be a nag and a nuisance to him
  •  I need to respect myself and my body so that I can give him respect.
  • I need to not put him in the place of God in my life, He will disappoint me as he is not God, therefore I will be disappointed in him which will lead me to have an attitude of disrespect.
  • I need to be willing to walk alongside of him, not running ahead, and not groveling behind him.
  • I need to stand up for him when necessary and prudent.
  • I need to not be a nag! (I know I repeated, The book of Proverbs repeats it more than I do)
  • I need to remember to not be the force that drags him down and undermines his self worth, (the enemy/devil can do that all by himself, without your help)
  • I need to remember that even when I have had a bad day with “our” children, he to has worked a full day, and throwing the children at him when he gets home is not always the best thing to do.
  • To him, you are saying, what you did all day was not as exhausting and as tiring as what I did, therefore, you should put out and help me now.
  •   I realize that this goes both ways. But maybe working out a compromise that works for both of you, is better than you getting mad, because he does not immediately take the orangutan children off your hands the minute he walks in the door.
  •  Remember he has feelings to, not just you and you will need to be sensitive to that.
  •  I need to be willing to lovingly take him into my bed so that he can express his manliness and love to me, the way God intended.
  •  I need to let him stand up and fight for me, so that he can show his love and protection to me.
  •  I need to be a godly woman, whose heart is fully surrendered to Christ Jesus so that I can through Christ do all of these things.


I pray that these tips will help you in your endeavor to be a godly woman who loves and respects her husband.

Take a few moments now and ask the Holy Spirit to open up your eyes to these truths, to help you to implement them into your life. He promises to do that for us, he promises never to leave or forsake us, he promises to help us in every way so that we can be what God has always seen us to be!

To read part 2 of this article click here

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