King David inquired of the Lord

 Recently I have been reading about the life of King David, he was a fascinating man who loved the Lord God Almighty and had a heart that was willing to be led by God.

 To be honest, I have never fully understood that passion and devotion that one could have for God, until a few years ago, when the lord started to reveal himself to me on a more regular basis.

What do I mean by that? Well the more that I read the word of God, the more I wanted to know, the more I wanted to know the more I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to teach me and lead me into the whole truth of God. It was like a circle going around and around, I hungered for more of God, he revealed himself to me through his word, prayer, books, and insights and the more that he did that, the more I wanted to know him.

What I did not realize was that he was establishing me in his word, filling me with his wisdom, and giving me a passion and desire for his way of righteous living. I felt like very dry sand, and every time he would reveal something to me, I would soak it all up. I must admit that I still feel that way.

That is why the life of King David fascinates me as much as it does, because here was a young man who at the age of about 15 was anointed by the Prophet Samuel to become king over the nation of Israel.  He was 15, and wet behind the ears when it came to life, but God looked at David’s heart and knew that he could mold him into becoming a great king one day.

Then the training began. David faced Goliath, and won. He faced Saul who tried to take his life, he faced many other trials, tribulations and disappointments on the way to becoming the Shepherd King of Israel. All of these things did one thing; they built David into a man who sought the Lord God Almighty.

David had been filled with the Holy Spirit, one of the few people in the Old Testament to have that happen to them, and so he knew that for him to survive those years on the run from Saul and countless other terrifying enemies, he would have to inquire of the Lord to know what and how to handle it all.

I don’t know about you, but that gives me great encouragement, that even though David faced all of those terrifying situations in his life, he sought the Lord and the lord gave him the needed directions in order to overcome the enemies that he faced.

In 2 Samuel 5, we read the account of David finally been installed as King over both Judah and Israel, the northern and southern kingdoms. Because of all that David had gone through to get to this point, and all of the times he had sought the Lord and had overcome his enemies, he knew that when he captured Jerusalem and took up residence in that city, “that the Lord had established him as king over Israel and had exalted his kingdom for the sake of his people Israel” David knew!

Some of you reading this may have had a word from the lord years ago about what he was planning on doing in your life, and are yet to see it come to fruition. I want to encourage you today to take a lesson from David, in all that time that had passed from the first anointing to when David actually took the throne, God was preparing him to become king.

 God does that with all of us, he calls us and when we respond to him, he sets about developing our relationship with him. He builds our trust in him and at the same time he develops our character in order for us to handle the tasks that he sets before us to do.

 King David, allowed the lord to be his teacher and he asked the lord for directions for the next steps. By including God in all of his decisions, the lord was able to establish David as king, bring about the unity of the nation of Israel and have them all under one leader again.

 David wanted to please God, because he knew that he had been called by God to a specific purpose, that calling was strong and even though he did not get to walk into it right away, he still wanted to live his life in a way that would bring about God’s will for the nation of Israel.

 I know that in my own life, when the lord had told me many years ago that he was sending me to a new country with my husband to do the works that he had prepared in advance for me to do, I did not jump into that work immediately. Trust me, I thought I would, and I thought that it would be a breeze, but the reality is that it has taken many years, many tears, many growth opportunities and much seeking the lord to bring me to the place where I am even now.

  Have I fully reached all that God has for me here, no I do not believe so, therefore I realize that I will have many more opportunities to grow and hone my skills, but I do know that the lord has established my faith in Him. He has established my love for him and his righteousness and he has established and set me on the path that will not only bring me great joy and character development, but it will bring him much Glory as I reflect him to others in my life.

If you are at a point in your walk with the lord, and think that maybe he has forgotten about you or you are no longer useful or that you are not yet doing what you know he has placed in your heart to do, take heart, The lord, through the Holy Spirit is teaching, developing and growing you into the role that he has prepared for you.

Continue to pray, read your bible, and seek the lord, he will without a doubt fill you with a deeper passion for him, and he will show you where your personality, skills and character, will be the most beneficial to the purposes of the kingdom of God.

I am sure that King David felt impatient with the process some days, just wanting to walk into the role that God had said was his, but because he remained teachable to God’s ways he was able to become a mighty King and be used greatly by God.

God wants to use you as well, enjoy the process, allow him to work in and through you and you too will be used in a mighty way by God.

 Blessings to you.

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