Lest we Forget

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

November 11 is the day that the world stops to reflect and remember all those who have fought and died. We take a moment and offer up prayers of thanksgiving for the sacrifices that were made by both men and women who believed and fought for the right to have a life that would be free of war. They fought for the right of people to be educated and elect people of their choice into political power. They fought to keep the evil of domination away from us, the future generation. I stand with millions of others and say thank you to them as well.

I would like to take a few moments and remember and reflect on the unsung heroes that are not honored world wide, but need to be recognized nonetheless.

When I start to think about the many people that have influenced my life in both the good and the bad it is overwhelming, but to each of them I am forever grateful, as through my encounter with each person, my life has become richer. I have learnt to love, cry, and feel immense joy, experiences the joy of deep friendships. I have felt the sting of hurt and rejection, the sorrow of death, but in all of these instances it has helped to shape me into the woman that I am today.

For that I need to take a moment to stop and remember each of these precious people, now I stand and say thank you all, for the good and the bad.

I want to remember all of the mothers and fathers throughout the generations that have labored tirelessly to instill into their children, good work ethics, good morals and a sense of unselfishness. Those parents who have spent countless hours praying for their children and giving them a strong faith foundation. Let us remember these unsung heroes.

I think of all the people who even now are taking the words of Christ seriously when he said “To go into all of the world and make disciples” their untiring effort on behalf of the gospel has often been met with ridicule and death, but they press on toward the goal and they hold out the word of truth to a lost and dying world. Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ, you are all in my prayers.

I want to remember all of the victims of abortions, children that have in the millions lost their lives, because society does not think that they have the right to live. I think of the mothers who have aborted their babies, because they believed the lies of those who counseled them. We must not think for a moment that these precious children, who are a gift from God, lives mean nothing. . Let us not forget to pray for the mothers whose emotional lives are forever changed because of what they have done. Let us remember them today.

I want to remember all of the people who have died in the needless and cruel genocides that have plagued our planet for the last century. These people being different in some way, were deemed the enemy and therefore had to be eradicated. Evil men have hid behind political agendas, greed and a thirst for power and have ripped open the bellies of many countries over the years. Let us remember those innocent victims.

I want to remember all young girls and boys who are caught in the evil web of slavery. Their freedoms stripped from them and now they are used and abused like they are trash. They are not, they have feelings, they cry and hurt and want to be loved like everyone else. Instead evil men and women treat them worse than animals. We need to continue our fight to have these innocents released from the prison that they find themselves in. Let us remember these innocent children today.

I want to remember all those who are adults and are caught in the web of slavery around the world today, they are bought and sold like cattle, starved, beaten and abused so that we can buy cheaper products here in North America and world wide. Let us remember these innocent victims.

We need to remember those who serve us in the grocery store or at the gas station, that they too have feelings and have families. They too have lives that are affected by finances and heartache, love and laughter. So if we are ever tempted to marginalize what they do or say a cruel word to them because they are not serving us in the manner we think that they should, we need to stop and remember that they to are people in need of love and encouragement, a smile and a hope. Thank you to them.

We need to remember those who serve in the police force and the fire brigade. These men and women willingly put their very lives at risks by showing up for work every day, yet they do it willingly to serve us. Thank you to them.

I want to remember that without Christ living in me and his precious Holy Spirit guiding my steps I am nothing, I am as a human being prone to sin and misery but in Christ I have a new life that has set me free from all of the heart ache and loneliness I experienced before.

I want to remember that because of Christ I have the hope of eternal life and that my sins are no longer held against me. I want to remember that there is nothing that I lack as a child of God, as I have his peace, love, faithfulness, strength and power. I have been chosen and adopted, given every spritual blessing in heaven, I have been redeemed from the empty way of life that was handed down to me from my fore fathers. I want to remember that I am never alone and because of Jesus, my life is truly new and transformed. I will forever live in victory.

As I conclude all of the things that I want to remember, I urge each of you to take a moment and think about the various areas that I have mentioned and reflect on how you can make a difference in someone’s life today. I urge you all to reflect Jesus in your every word and action today.

Be blessed in the Name of Jesus Christ


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