My Identity in Christ,

 1.     In Christ, I am loved by God, my father

2.     In Christ, I am a child of God,

3.     In Christ, God is my father, I can call him “abba” daddy

4.     In Christ, I am an heir  of God and co heir with Christ

5.     In Christ, I  am God Possession

6.     In Christ, I  have been given the mind of Christ

7.     In Christ I have been justified (declared innocent or guiltless; absolved; acquitted of my sins)

8.     In Christ, I have been glorified (to cause to be or treat as being more splendid, excellent, etc, than would normally be considered)

9.     In Christ, I am an over comer

10.   In Christ, I am more than a conqueror

11.   In Christ, I have eternal life,

12.   In Christ, I have been reconciled to God

13.   In Christ, I am saved by grace (unmerited favor)

14.   In Christ, I am alive in Christ, but dead to the sinful old self

15.   In Christ, I have been anointed by Christ

16.   In Christ, I am the fragrance of life to those who believe that Jesus is the son of God

17.   In Christ, I am the stench of death to those who are dying because of their refusal to believe in Jesus as the son of God.

18.   In Christ, I have been crucified with Christ, I no longer live but Christ lives in me.

19.   In Christ, I am redeemed

20.   In Christ, the Holy Spirit lives in me, by faith

21.   In Christ, I have eternity written on my heart ( Ecc 3:11)

22.   In Christ, I have been called heavenward

23.   In Christ, I am seated in the heavenlies, with Christ, we are raised up in the spiritual realms, we have the same power that he does.  Here on earth, (eph 2:6-7)

24.    In Christ, I am Holy,

25.   In Christ, I am blameless in his sight with out blemish

26.   In Christ, I am free of all accusations, in regard to my sin (Col 1:22)

27.   In Christ, I have the hope of glory, Christ in us (Col 1:27)

28.    In Christ, the fullness of the Deity lives in us, (Col 2:10)

29.    In Christ, I am purified of my sins (1John 1:7)

30.   In Christ, I have every spiritual blessing (eph 1)

31.   In Christ, I have been forgiven of all of my sins (Eph 1)

32.    In Christ, I have wisdom in insight into the mystery of his will

33.    In Christ, I have an eternal inheritance,

34.    In Christ, I have been sealed with the Holy Spirit

35.     In Christ, I have the power and the working strength of God’s mighty power (v 19-20)

36.     In Christ, I am Christ’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works prepared in advanced for me to do.  (eph 2:10)

37.     In Christ, I am brought near to God by the blood of Christ.

38.     In Christ, I can boldly enter into the throne room of God at any time.

39.     In Christ, I am sanctified (1 Cor 1:2)

40.     In Christ, we are enriched in every way, in speech and knowledge (1 Cor 1:5)

41.     In Christ, we have been given every spiritual gift.

42.     In Christ, we will be kept strong until the end, when He returns. (1 cor 1:8)

43.     In Christ, we have not received the spirit from the world but the spirit that comes from God.   (this is to understand what God has freely given us)  (1Cor 12)

44.    In Christ, I have the mind of Christ, (1 Cor 2:16)

45. In Christ, I can lay down my past fears and failures, rejections and hurts and press on towards the goal of my salvation, Eternal life.

46. In Christ, I do not have to live like I used to live, but I ama new creation, therefore I can live free from the power of sin and it’s hold over my life.

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