My Never Again list


One: Never again will I confess “I can’t”;for I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)

Two: Never again will I confess Lack;for my God shall supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19)

Three: Never again will I confess fear; for God has not given me a Spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7)

Four: Never again will I confess doubt and lack of faith; for God has given to every man a measure of Faith (Romans 12:3)

Five: Never again will I confess weakness;for the Lord is the strength of my life (Psalms 27:1) and the people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits (Daniel 11:32)

Six: Never again will I confess supremacy of Satan over my life; for greater is He that is within me than he that is in this world. (1John 4:4)

Seven: Never again will I confess defeat; for God always causes me to triumph (spiritual victory) in Christ Jesus (2Corinthians 2:14)

Eight: Never again will I confess lack of wisdom; for if you are lacking in wisdom all you have to do is ask God and he will give it to you without measure (he will not be stingy, he will not hold back) (James 1:5)

Nine: Never again will I confess sickness; For with His stripes I am healed (Isaiah 53:5) and Jesus Himself took my infirmities and carried our diseases (Matthew 8:17 & Isaiah 53:4)

Ten: Never again will I confess worries and frustrations; For I need to cast (Lay) all my cares upon Him (Jesus) who cares for me (1 Peter 5:7) In Christ I really am “carefree”

Eleven: Never again will I confess bondage; for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Twelve: Never again will I confess condemnation; for there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. (In Christ Jesus, he no longer holds my sin against me and I will not be condemned by it.)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I live near the Rocky Mountain range in Southern Alberta, and we often have some very strange weather in this part of the country. In the winter we can be having a cold snap that makes the temperature plummet to a cool and breezy -40 degrees Celsius. Trust me it can get very cold here, and then a Chinook, which is a warm wind, can blow in and it raises the temperature up to a balmy -10 degrees Celsius, all in a matter of hours.

Crazy as that sounds, it is true, I have lived through this dramatic change of weather for a long time. The reason I tell you this, is because about a year ago, I was planning to attend a ladies retreat in a beautiful resort town in the Rocky Mountains called Lake Louise. It is absolutely gorgeous there and it is approximately 3 hours from my home.

We were due to leave at about 1pm in the afternoon for our little adventure up to the mountains, with just our luggage, and no husbands or children for a whole weekend. Trust me there was excitement amongst the ladies.

The night before we were to leave, the snow started to fall, and normally in Alberta it is not anything to be concerned about and so I did not pay it much mind. Well by mid morning the following day, we had a full blizzard happening. This did not go over well with me, as I had paid a lot of money to have the privilege of a weekend away from mom duty and I was going.

My husband was quite concerned about the weather, and rightly so, the ladies that I was driving were concerned about the weather and like I said, they had a good cause to be concerned. Ok to be honest I was concerned about the weather too. I realised though by mid morning that our planned getaway was in serious jepordy. I was quite upset.

Around the same time that I came to this realisation, I started to feel really sleepy and lethargic and started to become frightened about what was lying ahead for us on the road. The other ladies that were driving with me decided that they were willing to risk going, and I was to be the driver.

Like I said, I was starting to feel really sleepy and scared of getting into an accident.  I then started to feel something rise up inside of me, (The Precious Holy Spirit), and I felt like I needed to read the above “Never Again” list. Well I did and my daughter joined me in declaring the word of God. Together we grew in our excitement of declaring war on discouragement and fatigue. We boldly and loudly spoke the truth of who our God is.

 It really felt like we were kicking down the doors of discouragement and hopelessness and fatigue by declaring the word of God out loud. Before long we both felt like a releasing of the peace of God come over us in the kitchen. I believe that the Holy Spirit showed us that even though the enemy was trying to use discouragement and fatigue to disuade us from venturing out, God was about to turn it all around and use the faith that He gave us to believe his word for our strengthening and encouragement.

I felt the fatigue and the discouragement leave me, and a peace that truly passes all understanding invaded that space instead. I felt renewed both in body and in my spirit.

I tell you this story to encourage you, that the word of God, has power and it is true. There is not a lie found within the pages of the Holy Bible. God promises that He is near to all who call on Him and that is what I was doing, I was calling on God for strength and help. God was faithful and met my need of strength and encouragement.

When the enemy tries to come at you with lies and discouragement, please run into our Heavenly fathers arms, you get there through prayer, the prayer of faith. God promises that when we pray in faith and do not doubt his words then He will answer us.

Call to Him today, declare out loud the wonderful and precious word of God and I know that God will without a doubt meet your every need.

These above verses are not a magic formula to get God to do what you want him to do. But by declaring the truth of God’s word to your situation you are standing in faith and God says that our faith is what will move mountains and move the obstacles that have formed in our lives.

Consider these scriptures, write them down, study them, absorb the truth of what they say to you, and memorise them. Pray and ask the Lord to reveal more of himself to you through these precious words,He is faithful and He will. He promises that if we hide his word in our hearts it will lead us to walk in the path of true righteousness and we will have his direction and peace in the midst of whatever the circumstance that we find ourselves in.

Call on Him today, he is waiting.

God Bless you all indeed.


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