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Oil and the Oil Press

By Asher Intrater

The name Gethsemane in Hebrew is “Gat Shmanim,” meaning “Oil Press.” It is the place where olives are brought and crushed; the skin and pit are strained and separated. The result is pure olive oil. Oil is a consistent biblical symbol for the anointing of the Holy Spirit. There is little doubt that Yeshua chose this place with this name on purpose.

 We all want the oil; we want the anointing; the power of the Holy Spirit. The anointing oil brings protection, provision, and prosperity (Psalm 23:5), wisdom and authority to rule (I Samuel 16:13), joy (Psalm 45:7, Hebrews 1:9), healing and deliverance (Mark 6:13, James 5:14), light and revelation (Exodus 25:6, I John 2:27, Revelation 3:18); ability to preach and prophecy (Isaiah 61:1), intimacy in worship (Song of Solomon 1:3, Matthew 25:3, Mark 14:3), and much more.

 There is a dynamic relationship between the oil and the press. They are opposites that balance out one another. At Gat Shmanim Yeshua embraced the cross. He forced His will to submit (Matthew 26:39). It is a place of darkness, depression, and difficulty (Matthew 26:37). It is a place of self denial (Matthew 16:24); a place to be crushed; to obey unto death; to be tested; to pass through humiliation and suffering; to intercede to the point of blood, sweat, and tears.

 The oil certainly seems more attractive than the oil press. Yet there is no oil without the press. The oil is produced at the oil press. There is no other way to produce true oil. On the other hand, the purpose of the press is to obtain the oil. To suffer in obedience without obtaining that oil is not according the heart of God. The press is for the oil. The oil comes from the press.


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Some of you may know from my previous article that my precious husband of 19 years has recently been diagnosed with Cancer, to say that we were scared and bewildered would be an understatement but due to the fact the God has lovingly poured out His great love for us, through his children and his comforting words in the Holy Bible, and given us his peace and joy inspite of the storm, we are doing OK.

For many years, and more recently in the past few months I have been asking the lord to go into a deeper walk with him, I wanted to know him, I wanted to be filled with more of his annointing to fullfill what I believe that he has called me to do.

I realise that on my own strength, I cannot do anything, but with him working through me, I can accomplish so much more. I have read of others, going deeper with God and with great longing asked for the same. Often though we are unprepared for what going deeper with God can mean to us.

In my walk with the lord over the years I have gone through many trials, gone over hills and valleys and with each difficulty God has been there, leading, guiding and strengthening me each step of the way. Through each of these difficult times, I realise that I have been in his oil press, to refine me so that I may look more like him in my character and my life.

As I read the above article this morning, I realised that once again I am in the oil press, the pressure is hard, and it is squeezing the life out of me, but I know that through the process, as the droplets of oil start to flow, I will become more and more surrendered to my saviour, and I will become more and more like him.

Even though the road that I now trod is not one that I would have chosen, I praise the lord nevertheless, as I realise that I am in his loving care, and that my precious husband is too and together we will produce more annointed oil, through this process.

I praise the lord that he promises that he will work together for the good all things for those who love him. So, even though this is a tough road to walk on, I know that God promises that he will never leave us, that he will always bring good out of what we see as bad, and that the fruit that this journey will produce will be invaluable not only to us, but also for the future plans of what God has instore for us.

Oh How I praise him for the oil presses of life.


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