This morning as I sought the Lord, I felt an urgency in my spirit to pray for President Obama. Yet, while I do pray for him daily, I also felt that my prayer was intercepted by my concerns with some of his policies and appointments. I honestly had to pray through my own disappointment to get to the “mercy seat” of God’s presence. Later this morning I read Victoria Boyson’s message. Victoria and her husband Steve are friends we have known for years; both have supported me in ministry at various times. Her word is a confirmation to the urgency I felt to pray for the president. Weigh this teaching for yourself, but also do not let your prayer be intercepted by a critical attitude.

 Our Nation’s Crisis: Stand and Pray

By Victoria Boyson

Back in the winter of 2008, the Lord spoke to me and told me that our city, Cedar Rapids, IA, would flood. I took His warning in stride and thought, “Okay, we’ve flooded before and been alright. A few flooded basements and swampy yards, but we can deal with it.” I prayed a prayer of protection over the city and thought nothing more about it.

 Then, in June of that year as the melted snow and ice from Minnesota and Wisconsin starting coming down the rivers our way, it looked like a much worse flood than I’d anticipated. Cities north of us had bad flooding, so we began preparing for what we thought could happen to us.

 But as the flooding reached our rivers, it started to rain, which greatly escalated the threat. It rained and rained and RAINED! It seemed like it hung over our city and just poured.

 Suddenly, the reality of the disaster that was occurring hit us – the rain just wouldn’t stop and the river that runs through our city could not contain it. We began to pray and to take the situation very seriously: our prayers echoed the fear in our hearts. I felt the level of intercession in the city heightening. We were finally taking this threat seriously and, through prayer and intercession, the rain stopped and the flood began to recede. But it took too long for us to react.

 It flooded our downtown and many homes and businesses were destroyed. Those who could afford it, rebuilt, but many businesses closed for good. Thousands of people were suddenly left without homes, clothing and food, struggling for the basic necessities of life.

 Our Nation’s Crisis

That fall, our nation started experiencing the first of a series of birth pangs starting with the stock market fiasco. Then, the night before the elections of ’08, the Lord showed me a vision. In it, He showed me a great wave coming against the United States, but this wave was made up, not of water, but of people. Our country’s governmental leaders were picked up and carried by this wave. Specifically, I saw President Obama picked up and taken where he did not want to go. He had no control of what was happening to him or the nation and could do nothing to stop it.

 I then saw President Obama in the White House on his knees crying out to God in prayer begging God to help him, because he knew nothing could stop what was happening but God. I saw the glory of God surrounding him as he prayed. I knew this part of the vision would occur only if we, the church, prayed – its occurrence hinged solely on our taking it seriously and interceding for the President and our nation.

 I saw in the spirit thousands of people all over the Earth praying for President Obama – beseeching God for him and his leadership of this nation. Whether you like him or not, he’s the only President we have. If we pray for him and bless him, we will be blessed, but if we curse him, he will be a curse to our nation. That’s why God commands us to pray for our leaders (see 1 Timothy 2:1-4).

 The Watchmen’s Response

I had this vision a year and a half ago and, even then, I felt that whatever the wave was, it would happen about half way through Barack Obama’s presidential term; that would be somewhere in the next six months.

 What I learned from the flooding in Cedar Rapids was that, had we taken it seriously and pressed in much sooner, we might not have sustained such devastation. At anytime, we could have chosen to stand against it.

 We, as the watchmen of this great nation, need to take seriously the threat that’s quite obviously coming against us. We must stand for our nation against the enemy who would destroy it with the same unbending ferocity our founding fathers did in fighting for it.

 Many Christians act as if they would prefer God to come down and destroy our nation through His judgment. Yet, it is the church that is responsible for the stewardship of the nation He’s given us. We inherited a Christian nation from our forefathers and it’s up to us to appreciate it and defend it.

 Our enemy is neither democrat nor republican or any government official. Our enemy is much more sinister and covert and he wants to keep our anger and frustration focused on a person or group. Satan is not out for control of this nation – he’s seeking its total annihilation.


You are here in the United States of America and abroad for such a time as this by God’s design. Little ole you is the secret weapon God has planted here on Earth to take down the enemy, prayer by prayer and tear by tear – on your knees pleading for God’s help.

 Though you may seem weak, though you feel unimportant or even invisible, though you may be from the most forgotten region on the globe, YOU are God’s remedy for the chaos of the world.

 Gideon stood before the Lord as He sent him out to conquer the Midianites and asked the Lord how he could defeat his enemy since he was from the weakest family in the weakest clan in the weakest tribe of Israel (see Judges 6:15). The Lord replied, “I will be with you, and you will destroy the Midianites as if you were fighting against one man” (Judges 6:16). All you need to remember is, God is with you and you will be made fearless by His power.

 We cannot continue to take the threats of our enemy lightly. As a church, as intercessors and children of God, we must wake up as a city being flooded and intercede. There is no other answer – no political or military group can help us – God is our only answer. We must humble ourselves and find our destiny in the difficulties we’re facing and stand against Satan.

 Always remember the greatness of our God! We must remind ourselves daily of His goodness and greatness. As His church, we should decide that we will fear nothing but Him, for as Psalm 9:3 says, “My enemies turn back; they stumble and perish before you.” Nothing is greater than our God! NOTHING!

 We are called to speak into existence the will of our Father as carriers of His presence on this Earth.

 Please stand with me and pray for our President and our nation. Thank you and God bless YOU.

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