imagesCA5MKIZDPerfect Peace

Isaiah 26:3          

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

I have learnt over the years that the greatest spiritual battles are not fought out on a battle field that I can physically walk on, but the battlefield is right in my own mind. The devil who prowls around like a lion seeking whom he may devour and is always looking for ways to put us into bondage in our minds because he knows that if he can do that, then it is not long before he has us fearful, fretting, angry, taking offense, gossiping about our friends, stirring up division amongst believers and a whole lot of other things.

On television these days there are many shows depicting the various stages of depravity that man has stooped too.  There are hoarders, who fear loss, people with strange addictions, people so obese they need fork lifts just to be moved out of their homes. All because they never surrendered their thoughts to the Lord and asked him to help them to think on things that were good for them, and not harmful.

The Lord tells us that we need to daily renew our minds, in other words to change our thinking from the old man and his ways to thinking the about the Lord and His ways for us. We do this by filling our minds with the words of the bible; believing these words and then living by them, thus allowing ourselves to be truly transformed. When we do this, God promises that he will keep our minds steadfast, in other words, our minds will not wonder to places they should not go, all because we trust in God. We learn to trust God through learning about him in his word. Start renewing your mind today.



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