Dissatisfied with how your life is working out?

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

I was reaching for a book on my nightstand last night and grabbed the wrong book. I did not even check to see I had the right book, but opened it up and started to read where I had left off.

Half way down the page I realized that I actually was reading the wrong book, but I was so caught up in what I was reading that I could not put it down. I know that you are curious now about what I was reading, well I would love to share it with you, but first I need to ask you a few questions.

Have you ever felt nervous or confused about a choice or decisions that you had to make? Have you ever wanted to know what the will of God is for you life in a certain aspect; like moving, a new job, a husband, or even if this boyfriend is right for me?

I have found myself in that position all too often and when I am in that place of asking, I find that I am anxious and confused and nervous about what I am to do.

I am actually in that position right now as we speak to be totally honest. I have a million what if’s swirling around my head, all clamoring for first place. Quite frankly it is exhausting.

Then I read this little excerpt from the wrong book and to be honest it has given me a new way of thinking.

Self dissatisfaction, pg 131-132

Last night I dreamed I was making a telephone call from a department store pay phone. There was immense trouble, though about finding the number. I could not locate the yellow pages of the directory. Then I thought that I might have the number written in one of the two notebooks in my handbag. But the two notebooks kept getting mixed up, and as I would fin the page, someone else would push into the phone booth ahead of me, and my finger would slip out of the place in the little notebook. Once I located the number, only to find it so blurry that I could not read it.

The message my unconscious seems to be playing back to me – confusion. Not enough order in my life, or even in my pocketbook.

This morning as I sought answers in prayer to a number of problems, the same spirit of confusion seemed to settle upon me. Quickly I asked for His help. After a few moments I was led to Psalm 78. These verses hit me…

He divided the sea and led them through… He guided them with the cloud by day and with light from the fire all night. He split the rocks in the desert and gave them water as abundant as the seas… But they continued to sin against him rebelling in the desert against the Most High. They willfully put God to the test by demanding the food they craved.

Vv.13-18 Niv

…and his wrath rose against Israel for they did not believe in God or trust in his deliverance.

Vv. 21-22 Niv

Was I full of doubts and questions and criticism like the Israelites? Yes, I had to admit I was. How can I be free of this, Lord?

These words of reassurance came:

Thou art my beloved child, Catherine. Rest in the love… Simply rest in it. Bathe in it. Stop asking so many questions. Stop all this probing, taking your spiritual temperature. Doe the Lord want me to do this? Or that? Is this right? Is this right? This is the source of the confusion you are feeling.

You are my child, my disciple. I accept you long ago – as you are- as you are growing.

You are still accepted. Nothing is between us from My side, only yours! Grasp that by faith and all else will follow.

“The nervous probing is Satan’s doing, to unsettle you, to confuse you, to knock you off the base of your belief.

“Let My joy flow through you unimpeded, even thought you do not feel it at first. Let it flow. Do not be afraid. That joy will sweep away your fear and uncertainties.

“Stop accusing yourself, Catherine. Turn any such thoughts over to Me instantly. They come from Satan, not from Me.

Place yourself in My hands as though you were an infant. Let Me handle your questions, the tattered remnants of your unbelief, your growth in My grace – not my stringency.

“Grace …grace…grace. Love…. Love… love. I came not to judge or condemn. All accusations comes from the enemy.

“Open the floodgates that My love can bathe you and that the living water may flow through you to others.”

By: Catherine Marshall, A closer walk , A spiritual lifeline to God. Pg 131-132

I pray that as you have read this little excerpt from her book with me that you will be encouraged about resting in God’s perfect love and grace. I always find myself so anxious about measuring up and not missing what God has for me, because I might not be paying close enough attention. The truth of the matter is, that when God wants to get my attention he will.

He will without a doubt move on my heart for me to do something or the other. I need to take all of these little fears and stresses and ask him to handle them, and then just simply rest in his grace.

I pray that today, you will start to take all of your fears and confusions and doubts and longings and dreams and give them to our father in heaven who is more than capable of taking care of us and directing us in the best way possible.

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