What a week this has been!

Have you ever had a week were you might have thought to yourself, “Could I please get a refund, I am not having fun” Well that is how my past week has gone and to be honest, a refund right now will really help.

So what have I learned from this week, well a couple of things?

When you to set your heart and mind to walk closer with the Holy Spirit, endeavoring to trust him moment by moment, that resolve is tested.

My hearts desire is to walk in a deeper, strong and surrendered life with God, but my flesh loves to often have the last say in the matter. As I have tried to remain focused on the lord, and let him guide me, a few things have become very apparent to me.

 The first thing is, that if I am to learn to truly walk in “The Spirit all of the time” that I have to choose to do it every moment, not just sometimes during the day and not others.

I need to pay attention to the voice of the Holy Spirit when he is speaking to me, even about the little things.

 If I don’t I find that I miss what he is trying to lead me into.

 For instance, at the beginning of the week I chose to cancel a meeting that I had scheduled for Sunday, if I had not paid attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit and cancelled the meeting, I would have had a house full of guest and two very sick kids. Instead, thankfully I had listened and cancelled the meeting, and my two kids have had the day to rest and recuperate.

 The other thing that I learned throughout my “give me a refund week” was that when I continually chose to walk closer to God, and things were not always smooth sailing, I knew, that I had a strength to rely on, a wisdom to tap into and a confidence in my God to help me through whatever came my way.

 In the midst of it all, the lord opened my eyes to a little gift that he had for me, and that was another part of the restoration of who I am as his daughter. I had the privilege of being able to attend my son’s high school graduation celebrations. He wore the cap and gown, and looked so grown up that part of me wanted to cry out with pride at all that he has achieved and the other part of me wanted to cry out for my baby, the one I had loved, nurtured, cuddled, tickled, disciplined, laughed with, oh the memories.

 It was bittersweet, as I know that we are now entering a new phase of our lives as his parents, but I know that even in that, as I cling to the lord, for strength, wisdom, counsel and life, he will continue to lead and guide me, and show me how to be the kind of mother, that will welcome my grown son, and one day his future wife into my home. The kind of mother that will pray always for her boy turned man that he will never stray from what God has placed in his heart.

I praise God, that he so lovingly leads us and grows us into people whose hearts belong to him. I praise him that he draws us to him always, and then shows us how to walk his way, a way that will not bring us harm but life.

I don’t know where you are on your walk with God, through his Holy Spirit, today, but I do know that as he is teaching me to walk moment by moment with him, a little nudge here and a nudge there, he wants to do the same with you.

 If this is a new concept for you, “having a personal and moment by moment relationship with God” do not worry about messing up, be concerned about seeking him, he will show you the way, he will speak into your heart what is best for you, and I promise you, he will not lead you down a path that will lead you into destruction.

My prayer for you today, is that you will allow the Holy Spirit, to draw you into a deeper walk with the lord, I pray that you will all him to refresh you, and fill you to the full knowledge of God.

 When you find yourself in a week like I just had, you to can be reassured that the Holy Spirit will be your strength, your hope, your wisdom and your guidance, he will not leave you to figure it out by yourself.

 Take a risk, and trust him today, you will be amazed at how much peace you will experience, through it all.




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