What is Normal?

 For a Christian that is a great question, what is our normal compared to the normal of the world around us.

It got me thinking, what should our normal be and where do we get out normal from? I know, it is early in the morning!

I believe as a Christian our normal comes from what we find in the bible, which is our standard for living, and our moral compass in the world that we live.  I thought I would take the liberty and write down a few of the normals I believe that we as Christians need to live by.

Normal Christian living means

  • …….getting up in the morning with a heart of praise and thanksgiving to God our Savior.
  • ….. Saying yes to the Lord and laying your life in his hands.
  • ….. dying to my selfish desires and saying to God, your will O lord, not mine.
  • …… that I choose righteous living over the old way of doing things.
  • .… not leaning on my own understanding of how things are, but asking God to show his way of doing things.
  • ...  That I guard my heart from evil and wicked influences, that would cause me to sin
  • ….. That I care for others, and love them deeply from the heart.
  • ….. That I do not accept the practices of the world around me but that I ask God to show me his way instead.
  • …. That I care for the widows and orphans around me
  • ….. That I love unconditionally
  • ….. That I use my mouth to encourage and bring life, instead of death and destruction to the people and situations around me.
  • … That I stand up for truth, regardless of the consequences.
  • ….. That I give and share generously not only my money, but my time as well.
  • …… That I walk in obedience to all of the precepts in the bible, not just the ones which please me.
  • ….. That I share enthusiastically all the greatness of God with others.
  • ….. That I come along side others who are in need of love and care, and truly love them by sharing the truth of God with them
  • ….. That I am not ashamed of the gospel and the power it holds for those who walk by its precepts.
  • …… That I Believe in Jesus Christ the son of God, sent to earth to point the way back to God for all mankind, and then became the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of all the people on this earth.
  • ·         …..That  I believe that there will be a day in the future, where God will judge each person according to what he/she has done.
  • ….. That when God judges, with justice, those who chose to walk in obedience to his word and accepted his son, will be given eternal life.
  • …. That when God judges, with justice, those who chose to walk in disobedience and rejected his and his world, will be judged and sent to Hell, with the devil and his demons.
  • …. That, the harvest field is full of people who are in desperate need of hope and love, and that we as Christians have been given the ability to show them the way back to God.

What is your normal?

 This article, though brief was inspired by a friend of mine who asked this question this morning, What is normal? I could go on all day about what our normal could and should be as a Christian, but I will leave it where it sits for now.

 My prayer for you is that if your normal is in any way different that mine, I pray that you will consider today giving your heart and life over to God, he created you, he loves you and he sent his son to die for you.

  Why would you need someone to die for you?

 The bible says that everyone in the world falls short of God’s Holy Standard, and therefore sin rages in our lives. We cannot even begin to live a good life without God’s help through his Holy Spirit. Jesus died on that cross, as the final and best sacrifice for the sins of mankind. The debt was paid in full and mankind once again had free access to God.

  We could do good things for people, but our hearts remain unchanged, and the same sin still lurks there, so if you want to have a new kind of normal in your life, take a moment and pray this prayer with me.

 Dear Lord Jesus

I realize that I am a sinner and I need a savior to save me from my sin. Please forgive me today and accept me as your child. I ask that you send your Holy Spirit to live in my life and so that I may learn from you a new kind of normal.

Thank you Jesus



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