Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Have you ever done anything and thought to yourself “oh what is the harm in that, no one will know or care”

 There once was a young man who loved speed. He was not all that particular about what was speeding, as long as he was in it. He was absolutely fearless. He was the kid that always climbed the highest on the monkey bars as school, jumped off the roof of his house to land on the trampoline below, his poor mother was not sure if either he or her would survive his childhood.

 Well the little boy grew into a teenager and acquired his driver’s license. He was so excited and could not wait to get his own vehicle to drive around town. As you can imagine he was a bit reckless behind the wheel and would always try to push the limits of his vehicle, without of course getting a speeding ticket.

 He tried really hard to impress his friends by his skillful driving and how he could speed through residential areas undetected by the law enforcement officers. He loved to squeal his wheels when he came to a stop at stop signs, especially if his buddies were in the vehicle. Some times he did not even bother stopping at the stop signs at all.

 In the same town lived a lady who enjoyed the freedom that her vehicle offered her. She could get her groceries from the store and she could visit her friends and go to all of the social events that she was a part of.

 She decided one day to run a quick errand on the way to visit her girlfriend for tea. She was a very conscientious driver and always checked her mirrors. She tried really hard to obey the stop signs and in all of her driving career had never received a speeding ticket or any other kind of driving infraction.

 She set out to do her errands and came to a stop sign in town. The young man was also fast approaching this same intersection. The people in the vehicle with him were encouraging him to drive faster down this street as it had a bend in it that was really exciting to go around, especially when you were speeding. Of course the young man was never one to back down on any challenge, so he sped up.

 The music was blaring in the back seat and everyone was having a great time in his vehicle. Someone’s cell phone rang and the young man thought it was his and started rummaging through the console of his vehicle for the phone.

 The next thing he knew; he heard a loud bang and looked up. There before him was the unthinkable. He had driven right into the back of a lady’s vehicle. It was badly damaged and so was his vehicle. His passenger that was in the front of the vehicle with him was moaning and holding his head. He had not been wearing a seatbelt and had hit his head on the windshield. He was in shock; he did not know what to do.

 The Moral of the story is this:

If you do something enough times it becomes a habit, and if you choose to disobey the rules set in place to protect you, you will end up having to pay the consequences for that choice.

 Just like this young man who had sped through that intersection so many times he did not even realize it was there anymore. 

 If we choose to ignore these safe guards, we will end up paying a high price for our disobedience.  Notice that this young man didn’t decide that he would speed and answer his telephone while driving for the first time that day. Instead, all of his choices and decisions in the past had led up to the events that occurred that day.

 Be careful what you let slide in your life; you never know where that slippery road will eventually lead you.

 God tells us that we are to guard our hearts, and our minds and our tongues. We are to think on things that will bring life to us and to other people.

I want you to stop and think for a moment about the things that you are letting slide in your life.

 Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else guard your heart as it is the wellspring of life”

 What are you allowing to become “Normal” for you? Are your words a little to sharp to others around you? What are the things that you are reading? Are they things that bring you closer to the lord or does it put a dividing line between you and Him?

 Are you participating in any ungodly practices? Like lust, sexual immorality? What are you letting slide. The enemy of our souls would love nothing better than to draw us away from the dynamic, exciting life that God in His great mercy says that he has given to us, His children.

 If you are allowing anything into your life that will draw you away from our Heavenly father, I ask you to consider stopping. Pray and ask the Lord to forgive you, fill you mind and heart with the word of God.

 You will be amazed how your life will be changed when you start to put positive practices into your life, instead of negative ones.

 God bless you

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